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  • How long will my tan last?
    Most tans will last 7-10 days with proper care.
  • When do I shower?
    If you received a rapid tan, you MUST shower within four hours of your appointment. Rinsing at 3 hours will give you a medium color, and rinsing at 4 hours will be a darker tan. Do not exceed 4 hours. Keep in mind that your tan will continue to develop post-rinse. Classic tans need 9 hours to develop. Keeping them on longer will not result in a darker tan. You are able to rinse anytime past the 9 hour mark.
  • I have an event, when should I schedule my tan?"
    We recommend getting your spray tan 2 days before your event. If you are traveling, schedule your tan for the day before you travel.
  • Can I tan weekly?
    While we know the struggle of wanting the never-ending glow, tanning weekly is not recommended. We suggest waiting at least 10 days in between tans (2 weeks is preferred) to avoid product buildup and uneven fading.
  • What is a custom spray tan?
    A custom spray tan means that the solution is customized based on your desired color results.
  • What do I wear during my tan?
    Women: Bikini, underwear, or nothing at all, if you don't like tan lines ;) Men: boxers, briefs, or board shorts. Don't get naked, please!
  • What do I wear after my tan?
    Please bring loose, dark clothing to change into after your tan. We love a flow dress, or baggy pants and a loose fitting tee. You'll want to avoid tight straps and going braless when leaving is preferred. If you're sleeping in your tan (classic tans only) we suggest baggy pants and a long sleeve tee- clothing can protect the tan and prevent skin on skin contact which can lead to streaking.
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